Universal Power Pak 445

The Universal Power-Pak 445 is one of those rare adjustable dumbbells sets that actually delivers what it says it will, allowing you to enjoy a full body workout right from the comfort of your own home and without having to worry about it taking too much space. With the possibility of changing weights from 4 to 45 lbs, easily switching from one type of exercise to another in just seconds and their overall reliability thanks to their solid build quality, you’ll never again need to consider going to a gym and wait in line until the machine you want to use becomes free. At the end of the day, it is much better before buying read tons of reviews first and choose the best one.
Main Features:

1. Possibility to adjust from 4 to 45 lbs in 5 lbs increments.2. Great money and space saver.3. Replaces nine sets or eighteen separate dumbbells.4. Dumbbell storage made simple thanks to the ergonomically designed dumbbell stand.5.
Comfortable non-slip grip guaranteed by the durable thermoplastic rubber handle.6. Included workout guide.
Built to Last

The comfortable non-slip grip of the Universal Power-Pak 445 allows you to get a solid grip when using the dumbbells regardless of the exercises you want to perform, therefore increasing the overall safety and ease of use. The manufacturer has opted for a hard plastic exterior, since it’s extremely durable and can withstand the aggressive use many bodybuilders put their dumbbells through. Other than that, the dial system on the Power Pak 445 has been very carefully engineered so no matter how much it’s used, it’s never going to fail on you.
Switch From One Exercise To The Next In Seconds

Changing the weights with the Universal Power-Pak 445 is a piece of cake and you don’t even have to worry about straining your body when doing so as it’s the case with regular dumbbell sets. So the way it works is that you just have to turn the dial in order to get the weight you want and that’s it! When you want to increase the weight, you just have to consider turning the dial counterclockwise. With such a great ease of use, working out with the Power Pak 445 saves you time, effort and makes working out a lot more enjoyable.
Weight Range

In terms of weight range, you have the option to change it from four and up to forty five pounds in five pound increments. As a result, you can adjust the dumbbells to suite your current fitness level in just seconds and then even borrow the set to a friend who may want to work out with more weight on. To be more specific about the weight ranges, you can increase them from four to ten, fifteen, twenty five, thirty, forty and forty five pounds.
Last but not least, the handle on the Power Pak 445 is made of a very durable and at the same time comfortable thermoplastic material that’s also eco friendly. Since this is a non-slip grip, it greatly minimizes the chances of accidents that may occur with dumbbells with lower quality handles. Keep in mind that you also have the option to choose from dumbbells that range in size from 14 inches in length to 15 inches in width with a height of up to seven inches. Also, the total weight settings for this model is 9.

As you can see, Universal Power-Pak 445 is a great choice that allows you to adjust the weight of the dumbbells from 4 to 45 pounds in 5lb increments. Very durable and easy to use. Definitely great adjustable dumbbells set at a great price!

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