Tips for Purify the Water in Glass and Outside Aquarium

canister-filter-for-the-aquariumThere are many kinds of the aquarium and many ways to purify water in the fish tank. 2 of the current types of aquariums are many users that are made from glass aquarium (with gravel to decorate the inside) and outdoor aquarium made from cement.

How clean water for each fish tank is a simple job, now many user’s canister filter to filter the water in the aquarium. If you want to learn more about this product, please visit here to find the best canister filter for the aquarium. In this article, I will give you some tips and solutions for clean and treat the water before you grow fish.

How to Clean Inside the Gravel Aquarium

Your fish tank with white stones scattered on the bottom look very nice, but after a while, they discovered the matter is distributed evenly and kept aquarium to settle to the bottom look very dirty, the filter can not be filtered to the bottom. So if you intend to give out to the bottom blank white stone. But leave out the aquarium rocks will not beautiful.


  • Change the water when you get sucked into the rubber tube, not, for probiotics in fish feces decompose into dust in the aquarium water.
  • The easiest is to the bottom of the aquarium you no gravel; fish feces will go off.
  • If you still want to gravel background and do not want to invest, you have to take just a few weeks as your wallpaper toilet in the aquarium gravel once
  • When you grow fish in gravel aquarium, you do not get the drug directly into the lake by sheltering microorganisms in soil and gravel lot, the dead microbial drugs into the aquatic environment becomes extremely toxic to fish.
  • The best way that you use the canister filter to filter the water in the fish tank.

Hygiene cement tanks before Aquarists

With one lake to fish, the lake made from cement and outdoors. This lake used to feed the koi. But I do not know after the fish pond built, they must be how hygiene before feeding them with fish. I saw one some people told to pour salt on the fish tank If so, do not know the size tank must have for how much salt to clean the tank.

Several Fish Tank Cleaning Measures

  1. A. Use Salt to Clean the Fish Tank

use-salt-to-clean-the-fish-tankYou should soak the tank about half a month, combined with salt at this time always, remember to refill the tank mouth .You salt to soak for 3, 4 days, then you should drop less carp fish (sardine) in Section to its target microorganisms eat the children in the pool. After 2 weeks, you drain the water out, the new country. If so, the high water level 50cm 1 time for about 5 kg of salt iodine salt, salt substitute were also clean.

  1. Using Banana

using-bananaRipe bananas you buy, just about 4 results for the lake water 1m3 / You take the meat peeled banana and rub them into the lake bottom lake. Then fill the reservoir for water immersion, determine how much remaining bananas and banana peel and put in the time, 2 days after you drain the lake. Now if you’ll notice the banana banana peel and flesh hardens. Discharge finished you use some clean water tank for rinsing. For new water and possibly even to feed fish

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