How to replace car speakers? 

car-speakersOften car owner try replacing the existing care speaker with a bard new one. Generally it is an easy process but at times you may feel it to be quite tough. What size speakers are in my car? Another common question asked by car owners but before you start buying car speakers it is always suitable to buy speakers of similar size to that of the existing ones. This makes it easy to install, else you need to drill or make subtle changes. With time there are various new designs and variants of car speakers coming up in the market, selecting the best one for your purpose can be tough at times.

Starting the installation process

starting-the-installation-processBefore you buy car speaker it is important to know the existing dimension of speakers, this will help you to fit the new one easily else drill or changes need to be done.  There are different shapes and sizes of speakers available these days, knowing the original size can help you replace the existing speaker easily.  There are some speakers coming up in the market with trim packages. There are different colors and styles of covers and trims available in the market, it is important to select models that not only sounds good but looks good too.

Getting ready by replacing the existing speakers

replacing-the-existing-speakersBefore you start the process it is important to gather all essential tools. With after-market speakers there are thousands of possibilities. Due to this, any particular list of tools may not be ideal enough for installing speakers. In general you need to have these tools to ensure installation is done properly: Hobby knife, socket wrenches, Allen wrenches, crimping tool, strippers, Torx driver, file, electric drill, soldering iron and electrical tape. Make sure you select speakers that fit perfectly on your car. Some speakers fit perfectly whereas few needs minor modifications like drilling of new screw holes, installation of mounting bracket etc.

Make sure you disconnect the car batter, it is something that needs to be done initially to protect yourself at the beginning. Disconnecting the negative terminal helps in preventing risk of injury from damage to car’s electronics and electric shock through short circuits. Make sure you do that initially and start replacing the existing speakers. It is tough to write any how to guide for a new speaker, some of the new models are completely different and follow unique installation process. But it is always good enough to read instructions properly with your new speakers, to make the whole process easy and suitable.

Installing new speakers

Start by removing all speaker grilles and panels. Before you replace the speaker the main barrier needs to be removed. There are grills or panels used which protects the speaker, use flat screwdriver to remove screws and bolts that are holding it. Remove the existing speaker now by unplugging all wires and screws. Remove factory speaker, in most cases it is attached with wiring harness. Take care in removing it. There are glues or adhesive foams used to hold the speaker in that place, be careful enough in replacing it.

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