How to choose orthopedic insoles for flat feet.

Flat feet are also called low arches. Flat feet happen because the ligaments and tendons between heel and foot toes don’t pull with enough force. Hence, there are little or no arches at all. If this continues, the lack of arches support will cause the pressure when running shift to other parts of the feet. This can lead to pain, discomfort and other feet problem like plantar fasciitis.

What cause flat feet?

Flat feet can be natural or appear in bones development. Using shoes with bad arches support, wearing high heel too much. Excessive running, walking or standing also make this worst. Older people tend to have lower arches than when they were young.

Types of flat feet

types-of-flat-feetFlexible flat feet

This type of feet is that the foot is slightly arches when the people flex their foot. This doesn’t cause pain or uneasy feeling. You only need a good pair of normal insoles.

Rigid and painful flat feet

The person with this type of feet can flex his/her foot easily. Their feet often feel hard and painful when flexing.

Spasmodic flat feet

In this case, the foot is forced to stay outward because of spasms of the peroneal muscle. This is really painful and discomfort.

Cause of flat feet


overweightIf you are overweight then this could be the reason of your flat feet. Your feet are designed to support a maximum amount of weight and if the weight is too much, it could make your arches fall as a result.

Weak arches

Weak arches make it easier to fall down. So don’t make your feet work hard.


This problem is usually found in older people since their bones are getting weak. Young people working on their feet for a long period of time can also have flat feet.


Diabetes leads to all kind of different sickness and sometimes it could cause flat feet too.


Having injuries can also be the cause of having flat feet. Foot injuries if not take care of can cause flat feet.

Orthopedic insoles

If you have rigid and painful flat feet or spasmodic flat feet and they always make you feel discomfort and pain. You should probably buy yourself a pair of insoles. The orthopedic insoles are the best insole for flat feet. They are made with firm material to help reposition your arches and support the lower part of the feet. Researchers have shown that using orthopedic insoles can reduce the pain and discomfort of having flat feet.

Choosing a pair of orthopedic insoles

Go to see your doctor and having his opinion about buying orthopedic insoles. There are those custom made insoles which are quite expensive and the normal orthopedic insoles. Of course having a custom made ones is better but this will leave a hole in your pocket. Consider your flat feet level to choose the right ones. Make sure the arches support part is made from solid material. And don’t forget to have your feet measure at a good shoe store.


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