Service dog training standards

A service dog is a really valuable property for its disabled handler. Service dogs can really change the person with disabilities life. …

Tips for Purify the Water in Glass and Outside Aquarium

There are many kinds of the aquarium and many ways to purify water in the fish tank. 2 of the current types …

How to choose orthopedic insoles for flat feet.

Flat feet are also called low arches. Flat feet happen because the ligaments and tendons between heel and foot toes don’t pull …

Service dog training standards

A service dog is a really valuable property for its disabled handler. Service dogs can really change the person with disabilities life. Your service dogs will be protected under the 1990 Code of Federal Regulations for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With this, service dogs are able to follow their disabled handler everywhere they go. Even in public places like in the train, hotel or restaurant. This is really convenient if you are disabled. But of course, you must have control over your service dog’s behavior. In order to do that, your service dog must be well trained. But you see, training a service dog may sometimes really hard and tricky. And there aren’t many training standards for you to follow. In this post, we are going to give you a list of the minimum standards about how to train your service dog. For more information, you can visit the Assistant Dogs International (ADI) website. Here is our list:


  1. Your service dog must be obedient to basic commands and more difficult tasks from its handler for at least 90% of the time in the first ask in both public and home environment.
  2. He/she must demonstrate basic obedience through responding to hand signal or voice command like laying down, sitting, or keeping quite.
  3. The service dog must be He/she should be 6 months old or more.
  4. The service dog should be able to perform 3 different tasks to help reduce the handler’s disability.
  5. Your service dog must accomplish all the requirements in the Standards for Assistant Dog in Public and must behave well at home
  6. The handler must meet the requirements of ADI Minimum Standards for Assistance Dogs in Public:
  • Their dogs must perform 3 task that mitigates the owner’s disability.
  • Having a close relationship with your four-feet-partner.
  • The handler must have the ability to deal with problems that occur in both training and in life.
  • Have a reasonable knowledge of local law and appropriate public behavior.
  • Acceptable training technique.aa7e13_5a8cff71e26e44aab9cc95f0ceab9432mv2-jpg_srz_464_309_85_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srz
  1. The service dog must be trained for at least 6 months or more. In some cases, it took even 24 months. The training continues even after this.
  2. Your service dog must have an ID with its name, the owner’s name and a photo of the dog on it. In public, your dog should wear equipment or cloth that is easy to identify as a service dog.
  3. And of course, your dog’s health status must be checked every 6 months to make sure it don’t carry any disease. A neutered dog is better for the job since the male tends to be aggressive and the female is usually submissive.

Thank you for reading and hope you find this post useful.


Tips for Purify the Water in Glass and Outside Aquarium

canister-filter-for-the-aquariumThere are many kinds of the aquarium and many ways to purify water in the fish tank. 2 of the current types of aquariums are many users that are made from glass aquarium (with gravel to decorate the inside) and outdoor aquarium made from cement.

How clean water for each fish tank is a simple job, now many user’s canister filter to filter the water in the aquarium. If you want to learn more about this product, please visit here to find the best canister filter for the aquarium. In this article, I will give you some tips and solutions for clean and treat the water before you grow fish.

How to Clean Inside the Gravel Aquarium

Your fish tank with white stones scattered on the bottom look very nice, but after a while, they discovered the matter is distributed evenly and kept aquarium to settle to the bottom look very dirty, the filter can not be filtered to the bottom. So if you intend to give out to the bottom blank white stone. But leave out the aquarium rocks will not beautiful.


  • Change the water when you get sucked into the rubber tube, not, for probiotics in fish feces decompose into dust in the aquarium water.
  • The easiest is to the bottom of the aquarium you no gravel; fish feces will go off.
  • If you still want to gravel background and do not want to invest, you have to take just a few weeks as your wallpaper toilet in the aquarium gravel once
  • When you grow fish in gravel aquarium, you do not get the drug directly into the lake by sheltering microorganisms in soil and gravel lot, the dead microbial drugs into the aquatic environment becomes extremely toxic to fish.
  • The best way that you use the canister filter to filter the water in the fish tank.

Hygiene cement tanks before Aquarists

With one lake to fish, the lake made from cement and outdoors. This lake used to feed the koi. But I do not know after the fish pond built, they must be how hygiene before feeding them with fish. I saw one some people told to pour salt on the fish tank If so, do not know the size tank must have for how much salt to clean the tank.

Several Fish Tank Cleaning Measures

  1. A. Use Salt to Clean the Fish Tank

use-salt-to-clean-the-fish-tankYou should soak the tank about half a month, combined with salt at this time always, remember to refill the tank mouth .You salt to soak for 3, 4 days, then you should drop less carp fish (sardine) in Section to its target microorganisms eat the children in the pool. After 2 weeks, you drain the water out, the new country. If so, the high water level 50cm 1 time for about 5 kg of salt iodine salt, salt substitute were also clean.

  1. Using Banana

using-bananaRipe bananas you buy, just about 4 results for the lake water 1m3 / You take the meat peeled banana and rub them into the lake bottom lake. Then fill the reservoir for water immersion, determine how much remaining bananas and banana peel and put in the time, 2 days after you drain the lake. Now if you’ll notice the banana banana peel and flesh hardens. Discharge finished you use some clean water tank for rinsing. For new water and possibly even to feed fish


How to choose orthopedic insoles for flat feet.

Flat feet are also called low arches. Flat feet happen because the ligaments and tendons between heel and foot toes don’t pull with enough force. Hence, there are little or no arches at all. If this continues, the lack of arches support will cause the pressure when running shift to other parts of the feet. This can lead to pain, discomfort and other feet problem like plantar fasciitis.

What cause flat feet?

Flat feet can be natural or appear in bones development. Using shoes with bad arches support, wearing high heel too much. Excessive running, walking or standing also make this worst. Older people tend to have lower arches than when they were young.

Types of flat feet

types-of-flat-feetFlexible flat feet

This type of feet is that the foot is slightly arches when the people flex their foot. This doesn’t cause pain or uneasy feeling. You only need a good pair of normal insoles.

Rigid and painful flat feet

The person with this type of feet can flex his/her foot easily. Their feet often feel hard and painful when flexing.

Spasmodic flat feet

In this case, the foot is forced to stay outward because of spasms of the peroneal muscle. This is really painful and discomfort.

Cause of flat feet


overweightIf you are overweight then this could be the reason of your flat feet. Your feet are designed to support a maximum amount of weight and if the weight is too much, it could make your arches fall as a result.

Weak arches

Weak arches make it easier to fall down. So don’t make your feet work hard.


This problem is usually found in older people since their bones are getting weak. Young people working on their feet for a long period of time can also have flat feet.


Diabetes leads to all kind of different sickness and sometimes it could cause flat feet too.


Having injuries can also be the cause of having flat feet. Foot injuries if not take care of can cause flat feet.

Orthopedic insoles

If you have rigid and painful flat feet or spasmodic flat feet and they always make you feel discomfort and pain. You should probably buy yourself a pair of insoles. The orthopedic insoles are the best insole for flat feet. They are made with firm material to help reposition your arches and support the lower part of the feet. Researchers have shown that using orthopedic insoles can reduce the pain and discomfort of having flat feet.

Choosing a pair of orthopedic insoles

Go to see your doctor and having his opinion about buying orthopedic insoles. There are those custom made insoles which are quite expensive and the normal orthopedic insoles. Of course having a custom made ones is better but this will leave a hole in your pocket. Consider your flat feet level to choose the right ones. Make sure the arches support part is made from solid material. And don’t forget to have your feet measure at a good shoe store.



Tips for home improvement

Looking for ways to improve your home but you are not exactly sure where to start? Well, let us help you with that. Here is what you can do to increase the value of your personal safe haven.

for them on the internet to save you a whole lot of money to use on something else. This is a perfect solution for anyone who is short on cash or misers.

Repair Visibly Damaged Structure


First of all is to repair any visibly damaged structure in the house. They will make your house look like it hasn’t been treated very well and will seriously devalue it. If there are damages that you can fix right away, fix them immediately. However, If these are too big, put them on your to-do list and remember to tend to them when you have time or hire someone to do it.

Next is to repair any “invisible” damaged structure. Not invisible literally but invisible to the untrained eyes; therefore, you will need to hire a professional inspector to do this. “Invisible” damage can become visible and really expensive to fix if left unattended. Therefore, don’t be a miser and think that this is a waste of money. It’s better to spend a little now than to have to cough out a lot in the future.

Paint Job


In addition, the paint job. In order to feel alive and full of energy all the time, you need to paint your house with bright colors. Even better is to paint it with neutral colors as it is appealing to the highest number of people. You can hire a professional or if you want to add your personal touch to the house, do it yourself. You will love your house even more after this

Plant Tree


Next is to plant some trees around the house to purify the air and make your house look more nature-friendly. If you have free space in the yard, build a small garden. If not some small pots of plant around the house is OK as well. Depend on where you live, choose the plants native to your region or area. Preferably, you could also choose plants with high drought toleration so that you don’t have to do a lot of watering and still keep your house green and airy.

Lastly, do some DIY project to really add some personal touch to your house. It will make the house more “YOU” and increase its value at the same time. This could be anything from building a small table to  recycling used bottled water to create something totally unique. Don’t hesitate to invest in some tools to help you do the job efficiently. I would suggest a portable air compressor and the air tools that come with it as they are more powerful than manual tools and at the same time much less expensive than electrical one. Click here to watch our reviews of the best portable air compressors on the market and the tools accompanying it.

That was my tips to improve your home value. If you want to find out more, click here.



How to replace car speakers? 

car-speakersOften car owner try replacing the existing care speaker with a bard new one. Generally it is an easy process but at times you may feel it to be quite tough. What size speakers are in my car? Another common question asked by car owners but before you start buying car speakers it is always suitable to buy speakers of similar size to that of the existing ones. This makes it easy to install, else you need to drill or make subtle changes. With time there are various new designs and variants of car speakers coming up in the market, selecting the best one for your purpose can be tough at times.

Starting the installation process

starting-the-installation-processBefore you buy car speaker it is important to know the existing dimension of speakers, this will help you to fit the new one easily else drill or changes need to be done.  There are different shapes and sizes of speakers available these days, knowing the original size can help you replace the existing speaker easily.  There are some speakers coming up in the market with trim packages. There are different colors and styles of covers and trims available in the market, it is important to select models that not only sounds good but looks good too.

Getting ready by replacing the existing speakers

replacing-the-existing-speakersBefore you start the process it is important to gather all essential tools. With after-market speakers there are thousands of possibilities. Due to this, any particular list of tools may not be ideal enough for installing speakers. In general you need to have these tools to ensure installation is done properly: Hobby knife, socket wrenches, Allen wrenches, crimping tool, strippers, Torx driver, file, electric drill, soldering iron and electrical tape. Make sure you select speakers that fit perfectly on your car. Some speakers fit perfectly whereas few needs minor modifications like drilling of new screw holes, installation of mounting bracket etc.

Make sure you disconnect the car batter, it is something that needs to be done initially to protect yourself at the beginning. Disconnecting the negative terminal helps in preventing risk of injury from damage to car’s electronics and electric shock through short circuits. Make sure you do that initially and start replacing the existing speakers. It is tough to write any how to guide for a new speaker, some of the new models are completely different and follow unique installation process. But it is always good enough to read instructions properly with your new speakers, to make the whole process easy and suitable.

Installing new speakers

Start by removing all speaker grilles and panels. Before you replace the speaker the main barrier needs to be removed. There are grills or panels used which protects the speaker, use flat screwdriver to remove screws and bolts that are holding it. Remove the existing speaker now by unplugging all wires and screws. Remove factory speaker, in most cases it is attached with wiring harness. Take care in removing it. There are glues or adhesive foams used to hold the speaker in that place, be careful enough in replacing it.


Best ninja blender for smoothies

ninja blender for smoothiesWith time there are many new appliances or range of products coming up in the market that is simplifying life and making things easier. There are many new kitchens appliances coming up in the market such as blenders which is helping you to prepare delicious new items within moment’s time. With time blenders are becoming quite common and almost every modern day homes are known to have one in its store. The best thing about blender is that it helps you make smoothies, crushing ice, pulsing vegetables and many more other benefits. It is always important to buy the best ninja blender that comes with amazing new features and options.

Selecting the best model

selecting-the-best-modelWith time there are many new brands of blenders coming up in the market, it is always important to bank on the best in the business that can help you deliver outstanding services within moment’s time. The best thing about blenders is that you can get the chance to buy popular brands available in the market by reading reviews and customer feedback. There are many new models of blenders coming up in the market, all known to have whole new range of features and specialties. Select brands or models based on your purpose, not all models are able to carry out all tasks.

Common type of blenders

Seeing the need there are various new types of blenders coming up, the most common are countertop and immersion or handheld blenders. Both of these models come with different new functionalities, select the one that best fits into your need and is able to deliver quality solution. The countertop blenders are known to have containers made up of stainless steel, glass or plastic. The capacity of blenders varies from 4 to 8 cups; select the one best fitting into your need or purpose. Some of the best features of this type of blender are to mix, chop, crush ice and puree.

Different features

Almost all modern day blenders are known to have different speeds as well as controls which make it easy to operate and function. On the other hand the handheld blenders are only meant for preparing smoothies, milkshakes and powdered drinks. These kinds of blenders are completely immersed in the drink or food during preparation process. These blenders are easy to use and come in variety of sizes. There are different small tasks that can be performed by blenders and it comes with attachment as well as blade, separate it at ease and store in drawers.

Identifying the best

With so many new variants and types of blenders coming up in the market at times it can be really tough to select the best one in the market. But when you are buying nay of these blenders make sure you select models based on your purpose and requirement. Not all blenders that are coming up in the market may fit into your need, select models that are affordabl priced and best known to deliver suitable solution. Buying blenders for your kitchen is must; make sure you select the best of models for the purpose.
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Rehband knee sleeves powerlifting reviews

knee-compression-sleeveWith time there are many new brands and designs of knee sleeves coming up in the market but Rehband stands tall in the market. It is one of the leading manufacturers of knee supports and support gear, select from wide range of models and design available. The all new ranges of powerlifting knee sleeves are not only effective and helpful in protecting any kind of injuries but are designed to perfection to help in providing full support to all athletes and sportspersons.

Knee Sleeves for weightlifters

Knee sleeves are not strictly meant for weightlifters but in present day time there are many weightlifters using it quite often. The best of knee sleeves help to move their joints more freely and achieves greater mobility. It is one smart and effective way of warming up quickly and train with very less discomfort. For individuals or weightlifters facing knee problems, using knee sleeves are quite worth and best. This particular knee sleeves offer fair amount of support to your knees, light in weight and can be used anytime. The specialty of this knee sleeves is that it adds mild compression and maximizes the blood flow to ligaments as well as muscles of knee.

Color and sizing

There are many popular brands manufacturing knee sleeves but Rehband is known to provide some of the best ranged knee sleeve sin the market with wide range of color and size options. Before buying these knee sleeves make sure you follow the size guide and select the right sleeve for your purpose. It is always better to buy a size down which can stretch over time and provide best ever feeling. During early few days the knee sleeves may be tight but with regular use it can be comfortable enough. These particular knee sleeves are all known to be comfortable and are available in different color combinations.

Rehband Knee Sleeves for lifting purposes

When it comes to weightlifting, knee sleeves can be quite helpful and nothing best than rehbands. These sleeves help to keep your knees warm, ensure better blood flow and importantly reduce the chance of any injury or pain. Mostly after or during the training sessions knees may pain, with the use of rehband knee sleeves you can eradicate all these problems and workout in full swing.

Affordable price

the-price-good-qAnother most important thing that needs to be considered when you are buying knee sleeve is the price, these rehband sleeves are all affordably priced and you can select from wide range of designs and styles available in the market. The main purpose of rehband knee sleeves is to provide full support to your knee, ideal to avoid knee injuries and is quite affordably priced too. The best thing about this type of knee sleeve is that it offers better value for money.


This knee sleeves are worth a buy and using this on regular basis can help you cut down all possible chances of knee injuries and pain to a great extent. Use it anytime during workout or gym, a sound investment for your knees.


Universal Power Pak 445

The Universal Power-Pak 445 is one of those rare adjustable dumbbells sets that actually delivers what it says it will, allowing you to enjoy a full body workout right from the comfort of your own home and without having to worry about it taking too much space. With the possibility of changing weights from 4 to 45 lbs, easily switching from one type of exercise to another in just seconds and their overall reliability thanks to their solid build quality, you’ll never again need to consider going to a gym and wait in line until the machine you want to use becomes free. At the end of the day, it is much better before buying read tons of reviews first and choose the best one.
Main Features:

1. Possibility to adjust from 4 to 45 lbs in 5 lbs increments.2. Great money and space saver.3. Replaces nine sets or eighteen separate dumbbells.4. Dumbbell storage made simple thanks to the ergonomically designed dumbbell stand.5.
Comfortable non-slip grip guaranteed by the durable thermoplastic rubber handle.6. Included workout guide.
Built to Last

The comfortable non-slip grip of the Universal Power-Pak 445 allows you to get a solid grip when using the dumbbells regardless of the exercises you want to perform, therefore increasing the overall safety and ease of use. The manufacturer has opted for a hard plastic exterior, since it’s extremely durable and can withstand the aggressive use many bodybuilders put their dumbbells through. Other than that, the dial system on the Power Pak 445 has been very carefully engineered so no matter how much it’s used, it’s never going to fail on you.
Switch From One Exercise To The Next In Seconds

Changing the weights with the Universal Power-Pak 445 is a piece of cake and you don’t even have to worry about straining your body when doing so as it’s the case with regular dumbbell sets. So the way it works is that you just have to turn the dial in order to get the weight you want and that’s it! When you want to increase the weight, you just have to consider turning the dial counterclockwise. With such a great ease of use, working out with the Power Pak 445 saves you time, effort and makes working out a lot more enjoyable.
Weight Range

In terms of weight range, you have the option to change it from four and up to forty five pounds in five pound increments. As a result, you can adjust the dumbbells to suite your current fitness level in just seconds and then even borrow the set to a friend who may want to work out with more weight on. To be more specific about the weight ranges, you can increase them from four to ten, fifteen, twenty five, thirty, forty and forty five pounds.
Last but not least, the handle on the Power Pak 445 is made of a very durable and at the same time comfortable thermoplastic material that’s also eco friendly. Since this is a non-slip grip, it greatly minimizes the chances of accidents that may occur with dumbbells with lower quality handles. Keep in mind that you also have the option to choose from dumbbells that range in size from 14 inches in length to 15 inches in width with a height of up to seven inches. Also, the total weight settings for this model is 9.

As you can see, Universal Power-Pak 445 is a great choice that allows you to adjust the weight of the dumbbells from 4 to 45 pounds in 5lb increments. Very durable and easy to use. Definitely great adjustable dumbbells set at a great price!


What is the best delay pedal?

With time there are many top delay pedals coming up on the market, and it is helping guitarists to make different new sounds and bring variety to their play. There are different variants or models of delay pedals available in the market, and it is becoming quite important for modern day guitar players. Before investing on delay pedals, there are a lot of things to consider. Many of the modern day guitar delay pedals come in different new sizes and shapes. The main idea or purpose of using delay pedal is to change the way guitar sounds and bring more variety to any play.

Overview of the types of pedals available

types-of-pedals-availableWith time there are thousands of guitar pedals coming up on the market, any guitarists can select from wide new ranges based on his or her personal preference, budget, and quality of sound. Some of the new delay pedals are known to create rare sounds and many new changes coming up with these tools. There are various new formats of guitar pedals available in the market. There is the single effect units also named as the stomp boxes. There are some multiple effects boxes too available in the market known for different effects. There are some specialized formats like as rack-mounted processors and units.

How to buy

how-to-buyBefore buying or investing on any top delay, pedals make sure you get an overview of all types of deals available in the market and accordingly select the best one for the purpose. There is the overdrive or Distortion pedals that produce similar effects. The main concept or purpose of this delay pedal is to take any normal clean sound and convert it to distorted form. This is something which is preferred by many musicians or lead guitarists who are part of rock music. There are numerous songs or music available where this delay pedal is used.
Wah pedals are another quite popular type which is frequently used by guitarists from around the world. Apart from on/off situation this particular pedal is also known for its expressions. The name “wah” is also because of the fact that it makes you say “wah” after listening to its effect. Such kind of effect is ideal for fast and slow lead plays. This kind of effect is known to create some great results, and it is one type that is preferred by guitarists from around the globe. There are normal delay pedals which create an echo effect from the normal sound.

Why are different types of pedals used?

The best of top delay pedals are used to layers common or multiple sounds. This particular pedal gives a new dimension to your play and is quite often used by lead guitarists. Chorus pedal is another popular variant that adds depth to distorted and clean tone. The specialty of this type of pedal is that it thickens the sound by copying notes in different layers and altering delays in a very sound and effective manner. Using pedals bring in a whole lot of difference to the sound quality, some of the best and top delay pedals are worth a use.


Few tips and process of purchasing a nice affordable spotting scope

best-affordable-spotting-scopeThere has been some nice advancement when it comes to the purchase of the spotting scopes. Many people have now taken the profession of hunting and surveillance. In order to perform such kind of jobs, the spotting scopes are considered to be very much important. For those who are not aware, the spotting scopes are nothing but a kind of telescope which helps a person in observing different kind of terrestrial or natural objects from a longer distance. Some of the best affordable spotting scopecan be purchased easily through the online websites however in order to identify the best one among the lot there are some tips which can be availed and it will be helping a person in order to get the best one for their profession.

Tip to buy affordable spotting scope

tip-to-buyThe first tip is to check on the light gathering ability of the spotting scope. While analyzing on different terrestrial objects through the scope if you do not get an adequate amount of light then you might not be able to analyze the objects properly. The second tip is to check on the resolution of the telescope. Different scopes provide or have different resolutions. Depending upon the job or the profession that you are in, you should check on the resolution. A high resolution spotting scope can give you a clear picture and even if you zoom in the spotting scope you will not get any kind of blurry or hazy images. Getting an affordable spotting scope from the physical market is also easy if you keep in mind all the tips that are required. The third tip is to check on the diameter of the objective lens. This lens is the main part of the spotting scope and is basically used to capture the images properly. The price of the spotting scopes basically depends upon this lens. If you are planning to purchase a spotting scope with a larger lens then it might be of higher cost.

Official Website

official-websiteIf you are wondering on how to buy a spotting scope then you just need to visit the official website. The actual website tends to give all the necessary description regarding the spotting scopes that are being sold. Each and every spotting scope has got its own specifications. These specifications should be analyzed carefully before actually purchasing the spotting scope. Most of the people who are purchasing the spotting scopes tend to miss on analyzing one or the other specification of the spotting scope and sometimes end up getting a one which might not be useful to them.


The affordable spotting scope has always been purchased from the online websites because they have the ability to provide discount to the customers. Whenever you are planning to get a spotting scope you can take a look on the offers that are currently available. Some of the popular websites give the coupon codes which can be used at the time of the checkout so that the person can easily have a significant discount in the process.


Best Road Bike Brands

Road bikes are the best bikes for riding longer distance as well as training and fitness. This is because they are light and efficient bikes which allow you can go faster and further with less energy. People are asking all the time about the best road bike brands, wondering which one they should buy.

This is not an easy question to answer as everyone has their own opinion. So here at Best Road Bike Brands we are going to look at a number of the different brands so you can make up your own mind depending on the features that are important to you.

Tour de France

Road bikes are used a lot for competitions like the tour de France as well as triathlons. At the same time a lot of people use them as a way of getting exercise or just for cruising around. In fact it’s a great workout bike.
tour de France
That is the reason people like them to be light weight and efficient at transferring your energy to speeding down the road. This is also the reason why road bikes have drop bars as they allow you to get into a better aerodynamic position for going faster. These handlebars also offers the rider multiple hand positions so their hands so you can change your position while riding, which is very important on long rides.

The difficulty in determining which road bike brand is best for you is determined by your personal needs. To further add to the difficulty in answering this question you will find that each brand has several different types of road bikes.

You will find that the top brands are typically only available at your one of your local bike shops rather than department stores or chain outlets. That means you might have to shop around in order to be able to find the make and model you’re looking for. Some brands aren’t even being sold on the internet (unless they’re used) because the manufacturer prefers to sell their bikes through authorized dealers in local stores though this is becoming less and less.

They feel this is the type of quality control which brings satisfied customers as it means you get your bike fitted perfectly to you.  One of the quickest ways to dislike a bike is to have it not fit you right. It also provides for some extra confidence knowing the bike has been put together and tested by a professional.

You need to know that in whichever brand you look the quality is truthfully related to price. On all the top brands know that if you buy a $1,000 bike, you’re getting $1,000 worth of quality and that is most often the base price on them. Some of the top brands are Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, Felt, Trek and there are more.

Some people would say one brand is not any better than another. And to some degree that is true. But you will find some brands meet your needs better than another because they build their bikes differently.

All in all in my opinion the best road bike brands are mentioned above. On the other hand which one is best for you is your road to discover